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Наш шоурум:
г. Москва. м. Пролетарская, м. Крестьянская застава,
Большой Симоновский пер. 2


Company “Front – Tactical Systems” is a team of professionals, who find a solution for a non-standard tasks in the development of tactical equipment for modern armed operator, his equipage and tuning. A number of manufactured items have no analogues on the Russian market and covered by patent. Since mid-2013 the company started to produce single copies of experimental samples of tactical equipment for AK and PK .

With achievement of the first success, samples begin to replicate and its leads to increasing of orders and production expansion. Now we focus on the targeted audience in Russia and countries of the CIS.

We trying to achieve a perfect combination of reliability and functionality in the systems and items  produced by our company. We value every our client and partner, and we try to organize a high-quality work and consulting support.

We believe in the strength of Russian Arm and Russian True Grit.

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