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The system of continuous supply ammunition belt “Skorpion”

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This product is protected by copyrights. Any copying and distribution of technical solutions, or specific elements, covered by the patent, will be treated as an intentional violation of copyright, which would entail the responsibility stipulated by the  Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses, the Russian Civil Code, the Russian Criminal Code.


  • All systems (without rucksack, without supplies):
    • Machine gun case with cover extractor : 2,36 kg.
    • Segmental ammunition feeding sleeve ( with comprehensive overhanging support) : 2,07 kg.
  • Weight of rucksack basis : 2,3 kg.
  • Capacity : 475 cartridges in the main compartment, 75 in the flexible sleeve.
  • Size:
    • Case 45х10х30
    • Ammunition belt 160х2,5х10 sm.


  • Machine gun belt case.
  • Machine gun cover extractor with fixing for sleeve.
  • Flexible segmental ammunition feeding sleeve.
  • Rucksack for system transportation, made from CORDURA®.
  • Protecting cover for ammunition feeding sleeve made from CORDURA®.


battle tactics
550 rounds
total ammunition

The system of continuous supply ammunition belt “Skorpion” changes combat tactics, helps machine gunner to solve the problem with amount of the reserve ammunition and necessity of frequent reloading, and  has no effect on mobility. This is the solution of the long-standing problem of special forces, which finally was solved.

“Skorpion” is equipped with easy-to-handle ammunition feeding  non-disintegrating metallic link belt, which allows to blaze away a continuous fire from the weapon in any position. The system contains 475 cartridges in the main compartment, and 75 additional cartridges in the ammunition feeding. Cartridges are packed in the special case, which is placed in the rucksack (earlier machine gunner for such ammunition would require 6 bulky machine gun cases ).

The main system together with rucksack basis equipped with adjustable waist belt and shoulder straps. Ammunition feeding made of strong steel and coated with a chemical coating resistant to corrosion.


The system “Skorpion” is calculated and designed for 7.62 х 54 R cartridges different indexes MMaAD (Main Missile and Artillery Directorate) (possible production for other calibre). It is suits for operator with any anthropometric data. Rucksack base with adjustable shoulder straps and a belt (at a corresponding complete set), can be manufactured in different colors (main color - olive).

The sleeve is equipped with a soft cover for protection from the environment. High-strength chemical coating of the elements. full maintainability - the possibility of replacement of individual elements of the system without the help of instruments and appropriate training under all conditions.

Simple and secure attachment of the flexible sleeve to the body of the machine gun on the place of the standard cases. It is quickly to set up and to take off. It is excluded spontaneous opening during movement and firing activity. The stress of the flexible ammunition feeder in the extended position is not more than 90 kg(static weight).

The product is suitable for: strikeball models based on PK, 6P41 PKP "Pecheneg", 6P41M PKM.

The system is delivered under the order. It is possible to manufacture with different parameters – portable (MAX 1000 cartridges, because of  weight load on the operator), any capacity, fixed position – any capacity. Production time is over 14 days. We will contact you after You place your order.


The total ammunition – 550 cartridges. The ability to achieve the benefits without changing the fire cases and without charge. Creating a high volume of fire for the complete suppression of the enemy.
Weight-saving of the machine gun by means of  shifting the weight of ammunition.
The ability quickly to fasten sleeve from marching into the firing position.
The case with the sleeve can fit into any rucksack (if required or if its rucksack is damaged).

Scorpio in action

Scorpion ammunition system

Field tests of the Scorpion system

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